Painter Damien DIAZ-DIAZ

Born in 1974 in Grenoble, France. Damien DIAZ-DIAZ first discovered painting in his family at the age of 6, and has started to paint abstract motifs. This vocation has remained with him ever since. Whilst brilliant in sciences, he turns the direction of his studies dramatically after having discovered the lithographs of Bram van Velde.

He begins to move into the alternative milieu of the artistic life in Grenoble. At that time, artists were gathering together in the industrial sites of the city, namely that of the « Brise-Glace » (the Icebreaker), and it was here that he would then work for several years. But the framework of this new-found family did not satisfy him entirely and he went on to pursue an entrepreneurial career abroad, which continued upon his return to France.

Computer graphics, the film industry, post-production, electronic media, indeed anything that resonated with the power of imagery, interests him deeply. Meanwhile an oeuvre is growing in parallel and resulting in a vast collection of hundreds of canvases. At the age of 40, driven by intuition and galvanized by some distinguished collectors, it is finally his « source » to design color which is the deciding factor to devote himself entirely to his Art. He currently lives and works in Bordeaux, Southwest of France.